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Speakers Little Secret Speaker Training is a combination of awareness exercises and deep exploration combined with marketing and branding expertise. I have brought the craft of acting into my teaching and coaching as a speaker trainer. Being a professional speaker in any capacity is a craft. It is not to be taken lightly. As a speaker you have a responsibility to educate, entertain, inspire, guide and prepare with absolute integrity and attention to detail.

This is your invitation to unlearn how to stay small. I’m inviting you play BIG and make as much noise as you like.

“It doesn't look good Mr and Mrs Huxley, babies born this early don't usually make it and if she does she has a 75% chance of having a brain injury or severe disability”

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I wasn't waiting around for three more months, I was ready for the world and out I came at 24 weeks weighing just 1lb 11ounces.

On that cold, rainy, evening in Manchester, UK, the doctor quietly told my parents to prepare themselves for the worst. 

With a hole in my heart and unable to breath by myself, it didn't look good. However, I made it against all the odds, with no serious health issues.

As a premature baby, I was tiny growing up, tiny little Laura, with a tiny little voice. I didn't speak up, I went along with other's opinions. I was scared to get it wrong, scared to look unintelligent, scared I wouldn’t be heard, scared people wouldn’t like me. I needed and craved permission, until I realised, It was up to me to give myself permission to speak up, to express through sound, to be confident and voice my ideas.

My BA honours degree in Acting and Communications took me to New York City where I spent time studying acting and dance. This is where I really began discovering my voice. I learnt about physiology, movement, breath, characterisation, devising plays and speaking up.

Still pursuing my dream of being an actress I began working with a personal acting coach by the name of Annie Swann. Annie changed my life. She taught me about voice, sent me off to do opera singing lessons, dance lessons, gyro-tonics, Alexander Technique and she was the first person to tell me I was smart. She believed in me. 

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Fast forward quite a few years and my renowned talk, Trust The Power of Your Voice has been shared on stages around the world, including New York, UK and Australia. My passion for my clients individuality allows them to embrace their unique abilities and share their gifts and wisdom via live speaking engagements and online platforms. The journey of self discovery and acceptance is at the core of my message and allows audiences from all walks of life to share in the wonder of truly passionate storytelling. I share my own emotional story of being born at 24 weeks weighing 1lb 11 oz and not being able to breathe without support, through my life long journey of discovery to find my own magical and powerfully heartfelt voice.  

I now spend my time going on adventures with my husband and baby girl whilst running a 6 figure speaking business coaching others to communicate with confidence, overcome fears and grow their own business with the power of speaking.  

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A sneak peak at one of the short films I did: Deadside