Professional Speaker Prep

Hello leader, one who captivates the room, shines so bright and helps so many. I have created this space for you so you can come here anytime you need a boost, a reboot and a practice. As you already know communicating and speaking on global platforms is a process, it's not an overnight fix. We are looking for your beautiful mind and body to work together. The more you practice these techniques, the more your voice will develop so that people listen intently, you will hold the space and know how your body reacts in certain situations.... now go get em tiger! 


Below you will find: 

Your Magic Speakers Warm Up MP3

The Magic Speaker downloadable pdf

The Hero's Journey Storytelling Technique

The Content Container 

Magic Speakers Warm Up MP3

Many people ask me, "when should I do my warm up and how often?" It's a great question. As with anything new, consistency is key. The more you implement these exercises into your daily life, the quicker and stronger your voice and body will develop. My suggestion would be to integrate it into your morning routine. If you have a presentation that day, do it in the morning, the stick the mp3 on in your car or on your phone and do the exercises that work best for you. Remember, we have fight or flight or rest and digest. We are always moving towards rest and digest. Fight and flight, disables or ability to think straight and sends us into survival mode. Have fun with this. 

The Hero's Journey Storytelling Technique. 

This easy 5 step method adapted from Joseph Campbell's 12 Step "The Hero's Journey" is a great way for you to tell your story with clarity, precision and certainty. Your stories are not your talk, they area tool to educate, raise awareness and entertain. Use the 5 steps to break down your stories into sizeable chunks. It will be easier to remember when presenting. 



Magic Speaker pdf

There are a couple of additional exercises on this sheet. The more flexible and open you become, the more presence you will have as a beautiful leader and speaker. Take this with you as a reminder. 

The Content Container

A great, simple structure to use for your TED Style Talk. Once you have used this repeatedly, it will be a smooth, flowing transition between sections. The aim is for you to focus on each section and pull it together to present a beautiful, captivating talk. Just like you.