Sound familiar?

You may have already tried going to networking events, delivering your ‘kind of’ elevator pitch, perhaps you have attempted to run your own workshops or at least thought about it, you’ve done a couple of free speaking engagements but got no clients from it. You may have even done other speaker training workshops and courses but you just didn’t get what you needed.

There are so many ways to grow your business these days: Facebook ads, Linkedin, Instagram, SEO but nothing CAN or will beat the TRUST you are able to build with LIVE, IN PERSON contact. When you are on a stage in front of a group of people who want to hear what you have to say, it instantly raises you to authority status.

This gives you a huge opportunity to be your authentic, passionate, raw, inspiring, imperfect self and create a connection with your potential dream clients. LIVE SPEAKING; whether that is booking PAID speaking opportunities, holding your own workshops and retreats, guest speaking, spreading your message on radio and podcasts, using LIVE platforms online; It all accumulates and translates to massive trust and leadership status. LIVE speaking gives you an opportunity to INSPIRE, CAPTIVATE, EDUCATE and MOVE your audience.

Speaking has enabled me to travel across the globe and speak on stages in New York, UK, Australia and Europe. I get paid to meet my dream clients and connect with them on a powerful, intimate level and I want to share how I did it with you.

Is it time for you to up-level your speaking and business skills and spread your message and story even further? 

Is This YOU? 

  • You would love to speak ON CAMERA confidently
  • You can see yourself speaking to large audiences ON STAGE
  • You are clear about your gifts and know you can HELP more people than you are currently
  • You are eager to connect and relate to people in a REAL way
  • You wants to grow your business with authenticity and soul
  • You want to design a Key Note that brings in $5K or more for each event you book.

Being a powerful, impactful, captivating, inspirational speaker means that you are ready to commit to change. You will stretch your comfort zone, move through your resistance and find your WILD HEARTED VOICE. You will create ripples and make this world a better place. 


It wasn't so long ago, I was sat in my home office crying at my computer, swimming in debt, trying to format an excel spread sheet and wondering where I went wrong in life!

"I am an Actress... not a Virtual Assistant"... I screamed!!! It wasn't until I was ready to give up that I realised I was standing thousands of miles away from my true purpose.

Helping others to discover and express their voice with BOLD confidence, so they can share their gifts and make the world a better place. 

Being a VA taught me many valuable lessons but the greatest thing it gave me was the courage to find my voice. I knew that I was not in my Genius Zone and that I had to dive deep and find it. I realised that my time on stage and in front of the camera as an actress meant that I had a wealth of skill, wisdom and knowledge that I wasn't tapping into.

and then... Speakers Little Secret was born..

I have an innate ability to be able to really SEE people's gifts, even when they can't see their gifts themselves. I then support them to find their true voice and release it into the world via onstage and online platforms, be that speaking opportunities, radio, online, video, workshops and retreats.

I guide my clients through processes that allow them to discover and express themselves as they never have before. I create a space for play and exploration so they can truly step into their leadership and share that through PUBLIC SPEAKING and VIDEO. 

Once I believed in my own gifts, I was able to lift my clients to new heights. My clients are now speaking on stage to thousands, winning awards, delivering beautiful TEDx talks, booking themselves opportunities to speak at schools and universities, getting paid to speak, go on tour and truly shine in their confidence. They are holding their own workshops and retreats and sharing their work on video. Getting clear on their message gave them the confidence to be visible and be seen as an EXPERT in their industry. 

In a world of online overwhelm and digital mayhem we are craving real communication and connectivity.  Public speaking and live engagement is the pathway to making that happen. I work with a special group of innovative, passionate, heart-centred messengers and leaders who are also on a mission to create positive change and healing in the world. Together we can create that change.

I work with high level people, so we can achieve high level results. In partnership, we can take you to heights you never imagined.


* Do you crave to get clear on your message, so that you can reach your dream clients easily?
* Are you afraid that your voice is not being heard?
* Has the fire in your belly turned into a dull ache? 
* Are you scared you will never reach the heights you always dreamed of? 
* Do you want to find a way to connect with others easily and thrive in your business? 
* Do you want a talk that rocks the very core of your audience members and moves them to take positive action immediately?
* Do you want to get PAID to meet your dream clients? 

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Issues you may be having when it comes to being VISIBLE in your business:

* Lack of confidence
* No clarity of message
* No content structure or flow when speaking
* Not sure how to book speaking gigs
* Don’t know how to own the stage
* Speak too quickly
* Lack of presence
* Low levels of engagement
* Feel like you are not heard
* Want to stand out in the crowd
* No confidence on camera / video
* You aren't seen as a fierce leader in your industry

“It is time for you to up-level your speaking skills, find the truth and power in your voice and reach those who need you”

The new vision: 

* Own your Leadership and shout it from the rooftops
* Gain crystal clear clarity on your message to market
* Be clear on your Audience Avatar
* Speak with BOLD confidence on any platform in the world
* Create a TED-Style Talk that moves your audience to their core and inspires them to take positive action
* Attract more clients and more money
* Know how to book and create speaking opportunities
* Claim your leadership, build your credibility and increase visibility within your industry
* Design a red hot speakers marketing kit
* Radiate confidence on camera and live video
* Know how to set up your home studio
* Learn vocal and physical techniques to ensure maximum impact
* Implement non-verbal communication skills

What does it look like.


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