International Speaker, Leadership Coach, & Actress

Laura is an International Speaker, Leadership Coach and Actress. She founded Speakers Little Secret in 2013 and has spoken on stages in New York, UK and Australia. She has appeared in CEO magazine and has also co hosted  online radio show InspireTalk,  where she masterfully interviews  game changers and emerging leaders. Her most recent interviews have been with Lisa Messenger from The Messenger Collective, Janine Allis founder Boost Juice and Jack Delosa, founder of the Entourage. 

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-Besides being so pertinent for a TEDx event, Laura’s speaking style is so holistic and playful that tackling your weaknesses as you rehearse feels more like a fun game you want to play again and again and again. Aft.png


Laura's renowned talk, Trust The Power of Your Voice has been shared on stages all around the world, including New York, UK and Australia. Laura's passion for her clients individuality allows them to embrace their unique abilities and share their gifts and wisdom via live speaking engagements and online platforms. This journey of self discovery and acceptance is at the core of her message and allows audiences from all walks of life to share in the wonder of a truly passionate mentor. Laura captivates with her own emotional story of being born at 26 weeks weighing 1lb 11 oz and not being able to breathe, through her life long journey of discovery to find her own magical and powerfully heartfelt voice.  She now runs a 6 figure business coaching others to communicate with confidence, overcome fears and grow their businesses.  The three key elements of Laura's talk are: 

*Speak So People Listen.
*Discover your Gifts and Lead With Confidence.
*Standing in Integrity.